"I stayed up all night practicing my writing. I had that desire."

It was that desire that propelled Mosley through her basketball playing career.

She made Mt. Hebron's varsity as a freshman, but it was a culture shock.

"My AAU teammates were stars their freshman year at other schools and I was barely able to get off the bench," she said. Mosley was the back-up for senior Erica McCauley, who took her under her wing.

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"I thought of her as my little sister," McCauley said.

"I learned a lot from Erica," Mosley said.

Mosley's first two years at Mt. Hebron, she played for Dave Greenberg.

"Alisha's a great kid. She is exuberant and has a passion for the game," Greenberg said. "She loved basketball and watched it all the time. She came in with a lot of skills."

When Greenberg transferred to coach at Centennial, Pat Becker took his place.

"He bailed on me," Mosley said. "But everything happens for a reason. It probably made me a better player. He was a good X's andO'scoach and taught me my fundamentals, and Pat Becker just let me go."

Mosley had the ability to take the ball to the basket by weaving through the smallest opening in the defense.

"I can't remember any single player who can dominate like she can," said Howard coach Craig O'Connell in Mosley's 1996 Player of the Year story.

"A big money player can't be stopped," Becker said in the same article.

And Mosley wasn't. She scored 30 points (or more) on 10 occasions her senior year.

There's a story behind how Mt. Hebron retired her jersey. It wasn't the number she wore as a freshman.

"I got my number (11) from Christy McCauley (Erica's older sister). She told me to retire her number," Mosley said. "I thought, whatever, I'll never get my jersey retired at Hebron. But they saw in me what I didn't see in myself. Those two were amazing mentors."

After high school, Mosley went to Wake Forest with the thought of becoming a doctor. "That didn't happen after freshman biology," she said. So she switched to communication and did an internship with Fox Sports Net in Atlanta, once she graduated from college.

In Atlanta, she had the opportunity to play semi-pro basketball with the Atlanta Justice, which belonged to the National Women's Basketball League.

"It was fun; I got paid to play basketball," she said. "I was supposed to go overseas to play, but it never happened. I'm a homebody."

She's still close to home. Mosley is in her second stint as assistant coach at Loyola University. She has been the Greyhounds' recruiting coordinator the last three years.