Oakland Mills' Jaron Smith

Oakland Mills sophomore Jaron Smith is the second ranked wrestler in Howard County at 160 pounds heading into this weekend's Howard County championship tournament at Oakland Mills. (File photo/Noah Scialom / February 15, 2013)

As a freshman last year, Oakland Mills' Jaron Smith earned 30 wins, was a regional finalist, and placed fifth at the state tournament.

This year, as a sophomore, Smith has won his first tournament title — at the Snowverlea Invitational — and is the second ranked 160-pounder heading into this weekend's Howard County tournament, at Oakland Mills.

After winning the Snowverlea title, Smith took a 30-secondt timeout with us.

TV show I can't miss:

I don't really watch much TV.

Favorite movie:

The Avengers

Favorite prematch warm-up song:

I actually don't listen to music. I'm not a big fan of music. I've never really liked it. I like to go about my game plan.

Best personal sports moment:

There have actually been a few moments that have been the best for me, but this is certainly one of the greatest moments.

Hobby I have or had in the past that might surprise people:

I've actually played a variety of sports.
I used to play football and baseball, and I played basketball, but I was never really good at that. I actually do JuJitsiu in the offseason, so that helps me with my wrestling and my wrestling helps me with that.

Biggest role model:

My coach (Brad Howell) has certainly been great with me, he taught me how to use legs. I did it last year but I don't think I was as good as I am this year.

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Ray Lewis is really awesome, because of his career, retiring makes me respect him even more. Ray Rice too.

Hardest class you've ever taken?:

I'm currently in Biology GT and Computer Science 3, and I don't know which one is harder, but those are really hard.

When I grow up I want to:

I want to be a computer engineer.

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