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Rec sports: WHC girls basketball team is a Force to be reckoned with

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The deadline for submitting sports copy is 9 a.m. on Mondays. We prefer email ( We do not accept results by phone. When two Howard County teams play, players from both teams (first and last names) must be mentioned in the write-up. Questions? Call 410-332-6578.


Western Howard County

On March 11, the Western Howard County Force won the Montgomery County Rising Star basketball post-season tournament championship defeating Poolesville, 40-10. Members of the Force are Julianna Bonner, Mallory Conroy, Meg Graham, Ashlee Hamer, Julie Meissner, Caroline Morton, Ashley Molz, Leya Prezelski, Sydney Robinson, Fiona Rowan, Julia Smith and Maddie Southern.

Howard County Youth Program

Navy won the HCYP 13-year-old girls championship. The team posted a 12-1 record and was the regular season and tournament champions.

Columbia Ravens

The Columbia Ravens (U-12 girls) won the Arbutus Girls Athletic Association 11-12 A League championship. The girls were also the undefeated regular season champion and league runner-up in the Carroll County Central Maryland League. This team was a new team added to the Columbia Ravens U-12 girls group.

Members of the team are Maya Allmond, Sarah Ayer, Cecelia Bartley, Katie Cardea, Courtney Furr, Claire Priestley, Emma Schettig, Peighton Stone and Madeline Winters.

Freedom Extreme travel

The Freedom Extreme (fifth-grade girls) won the Columbia Ravens League Tourament by defeating the tenacious Columbia Ravens, 22-21, in the finals. Freedom won the Columbia Ravens League regular season title with a 9-1 record, placed second in the Central Maryland League Tournament and posted a 28-5 overall record.

Members of the team are Tyra Echevarria, Mary Griffin, Kit Guillen, Logan Heydon, Kayleigh Hiles, Kelsey Jones, Isabel Kachik, Emily Oliver, Blair Pearre and Emma Tilson.


Soccer Association of Columbia

The SAC Girls U-9 Blue team won the Amanda Post Tournament in their age group last weekend. The girls had an exciting time playing soccer and growing as a team.

Members of the team are Gracen Albright, Danielle Campbell, Ally Clearfield, Demari Curry, Christina Gagnon, Devyn Greenfield, Jillian Ingram, Alayna Lynchard, Allison Peay and Mia Stamatakis.

Columbia Soccer Club

The CSC Storm Runners (U-16 girls) started their spring Baltimore Beltway Soccer League season with a 7-0 win over the St. Mary's Inferno. Goalkeepers Elaina Quinn and Kate Harkleroad were up to every challenge and Becca Riley, Tory LaFemina and Mackenzie Rynn supplied great defense in front of them.

The scoring started midway through the first half when winger Harkleroad took a through ball from midfielder Lilly Hermina and easily beat the Inferno goalie.

Like this initial score, the next two goals were the result of accurate passing. The Storm Runners' second goal came as a result of a cross from Natalie Chin that found Jonae Queen, who put the ball into the open net. On the next goal, Queen was the one making the pass — striking a low crossing pass to the far post where an on-rushing Selena Chin blasted home the goal.

The goals continued in the second half. After a foul at the top of the box, Natalie Chin scored on the ensuing free kick. Her shot struck the post and deflected toward the keeper, who could not come up with the ball before it rolled over the goal line. Selena Chin's two-second half goals were a result of passes from Elaina Quinn and midfielder Christina Kochanski. Between these goals, Queen scored again as well.

Midfielder Jenny Haynes played every field position in the game, creating multiple chances on the outside with long runs and precise passing.

The Storm Runners are off until April as they prepare for the heart of the BBSL season.


Howard County Striders

A large contingent of 146 runners came out on a beautiful spring-like day to run the Howard County Striders weekly races at Jeffers Hill Neighborhood Center on Sunday. James Blackwood and Cary Jacobson led the way in the two-mile race. Michael Mbugi and Kendra Smith won the 10k race. Nikola Andjelic and Amanda An were the 15k winners.

Two-mile results: 1. James Blackwood, 11:40; 2. Corey Hamilton, 11:49; 3. Luis Diaz, 11:55; 4. Mark Eagles, 12:02; 5. Dan Laukzemis, 12:57; 6. Nathan Gears, 13:00; 7. Bill Andrews, 13:27; 8. Anders Chattin, 14:03; 9. Chris Chattin, 14:04; 10. Trevor Scott, 14:20.

11. Jackson Pittman, 14:40; 12. Todd Pittman, 14:41; 13. John Elliott, 14:59; 14. Liam McCaffrey, 15:05.2; 15. E.J. McCaffrey, 15:05.9; 16. Kenny Walker, 15:09; 17. Alan Murray, 15:11; 18. Adam Loudin, 15:57; 19. Ben Stein, 15:58; 20. Mats Chattin, 16:32.2.

21. Kyle Gillum, 16:32.9; 22. Cary Jacobson, 16:50; 23. Karen Harvey, 16:53; 24. Carina Chattin, 16:57; 25. Antonio Camacho, 17:38; 26. Joe Beyer, 17:44.1; 27. Emmy Beyer, 17:44.7; 28. Pat Huffman, 17:47; 29. Bill Brandenstein, 17:51; 30. Christine Johnson, 18:09.

31. Jim Eagles, 18:22; 32. Kaitlyn Oaksmith, 19:00; 33. Scott Oaksmith, 19:01; 34. Al Grueter, 19:08; 35. Bill Snelling, 19:15; 36. Sandeep Edakoth, 19:46; 37. Ginger Rowley, 19:47; 38. Terry Erdman, 20:01; 39. Doug Holtz, 20:06; 40. Audrey Loudin, 20:13.

41. Amanda Loudin, 20:14; 42. Becky Holtz, 20:18; 43. Todd Loudin, 20:25; 44. Mikail Ocasio, 21:01; 45. Yaneen Ali, 21:02; 46. Bob Lande, 21:03; 47. Jose Camacho, 21:25; 48. Michael Miles, 21:36; 49. Charlie Brown, 22:44; 50. John Beyer, 22:53.

51. Bev Byron, 23:48; 52. Stanley Way, 23:54; 53. Bradley Weisfeld, 24:13; 54. Chris Pullen, 24:15; 55. Josie Pittman, 24:40; 56. Joan Pittman, 24:47; 57. Holly Gillum, 24:48; 58. Ellen Brown, 25:06; 59. Kathy Floyd, 25:09; 60. Colleen Weisfeld, 25:10.2.

61. Michele Erdman, 25:10.5; 62. Melinda Krummerich, 25:11; 63. Judi Beyer, 25:12; 64. Kash Hartz, 25:59; 65. Ethan Hartz, 26:01; 66. Melissa Burger, 26:32; 67. Tre Holland, 26:37; 68. Tim Orman 27:43; 69. Denise Hyde, 27:44; 70. Manjula Ganapathi, 29:08.

71. Rajesh Raghavendrar, 29:09; 72. Becca Pontius, 34:15; 73. Jim Pontius, 34:16.

10k results: 1. Michael Mbugi, 41:21; 2. Lochlann Boyle, 41:50; 3. Kendra Smith, 42:22; 4. Stephen Mang, 46:45; 5. Rebecca Schwartz, 47:35; 6. Matthew Pendergast, 48:11; 7. Paul Eyes, 48:17; 8. Tammy Liu Hermstein, 48:22; 9. Marc Burger, 50:26; 10. Greg Lepore, 50:28.

11. Bromley Lowe, 51:02; 12. David Horrocks, 51:37; 13. Dave Hogue, 51:49; 14. Michael Dusenbery, 51:57; 15. Eric Johnston, 52:03; 16. Laura Gidley, 52:29; 17. Tom Stewart, 53:22; 18. Anna Chien, 53:27; 19. Marsha Demaree, 53:30; 20. Megan Hahn, 53:51.

21. Erin Rickard, 53:57; 22. Debbie Sharp, 54:10; 23. Susan Kim, 54:18; 24. Tim Prestal, 56:05; 25. Angelina Hein, 56:11; 26. Ed Beach, 58:02; 27. Emily Howe, 58:48; 28. Roger Calvert, 59:08; 29. Mike Elkonoh, 1:00:00; 30. Srini Rao, 1:00:51.

31. Emily Elkonoh, 1:01:56 32. Tiffany Leyda, 1:011:57; 33. Brian Leyda, 1:02:05; 34. Sharlene Deskins, 1:03:34; 35. Amanda Idstein, 1:04:40; 36. Jaquisha Kearson, 1:06:33; 37. Tegest Johnson, 1:09:23; 38. Mohamed Khalal, 1:10:20; 39. Sarah Beach, 1:14:36; 40. Frances Veasey, 1:20:00; 41. Julie Klawiter, 1:39:47.

15k results:

1. Nikola Andjelic, 1:00:46; 2. Steve Bohse, 1:01:02; 3. Miguel Perez, 1:03:04; 4. Brian Fleming, 1:05:36; 5. John Way, 1:05:55; 6. Mike Bohse, 1:07:43; 7. Martin Kerrigan, 1:08:34; 8. Reg Fields, 1:08:35; 9. Robert Blanco, 1:10:27; 10. Xinhua Xu, 1:11:00.

11. Alex Hahn, 1:11:50; 12. Kirk Gordon, 1:12:17; 13. Chad Burger, 1:12:30; 14. Peter Hedlund, 1:12:45; 15. Dan Keating, 1:12:55; 16. Jim Harrang, 1:13:55; 17. Amanda An, 1:15:49; 18. Evan Calvert, 1:17:30; 19. Karen Young, 1:17:52; 20. Chris Farmer, 1:18:12.

21. Mike Fleming, 1:18:19; 22. Nick Levintow, 1:19:56; 23. Tim Techathuvanan, 1:20:42; 24. Judith Weber, 1:22:37; 25. Rachel Stanley, 1:27:13; 26. Pat Brooks, 1:32:33; 27. Florence Sirleaf, 1:39:38; 28. Brian LeCompte, 1:39:39; 29. Jeff Anderson, 1:40:56.2; 30. Justin Armiger, 1:40:56.4; 31. Jorge Prado, 1:40:56.6.



Docksiders Level 8 gymnast Maria Ramsey, of Columbia, competed at the Columbia Gymnastics Spring Fling Invitational on March 10. Her results were:

Level 8 (age 10-12): Maria Ramsey: 1. uneven bars (9.075); 1. beam (9.1); 2. vault (9.275); 2. floor (9.3); 1. all-around (36.75).

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