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Jump rope

Kangaroo Kids

Sixteen members of the Kangaroo Kids competition team competed at the AAU Junior Olympic Games in Houston, Tex. The event featured 325 jumpers from 30 jump rope teams from the United States, Australia and Canada.

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In order to qualify for the Junior Olympic Games, jumpers had to place in the top 10 for their age group at regional qualifiers. Jumpers competed individually, in pairs, in Double Dutch teams and also as a team.

At the Junior Olympics, medals were awarded for the top three places and ribbons were awarded for places four through 10 for each single event. In addition, overall gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded in each age group for the top three individuals, pairs, Double Dutch teams and team shows.

In the overall individual events, the Kangaroo Kids had two overall gold medalists (Mason Rogers and Lynn Walsh), one overall silver medalist (Sydni Horner) and six overall bronze medalists (Kristen Bork, Lauren Bork, David Gordon, Michael Maiden, Cameron Simmons and Sam Trossman).

In the overall pairs events, pairs Mason Rogers and Sam Trossman and pairs Kristen Bork and Abby Smith both earned overall silver medals.

Taking home an overall gold medal for Double Dutch was the team of Cecilia Hartley, Mason Rogers, Sam Trossman and Lynn Walsh and also the team of Kristen Bork, Lauren Bork, Sydni Horner and Christina Kratzmeier. The senior team won the gold medal for team show.

Sam Trossman was awarded the Joel Ferrell Outstanding Performance Award for Jump Rope. This award is presented to one male and female each year and recognizes the outstanding athletic performance at the AAU Junior Olympic Games, sportsmanship and the jumper's overall contribution to AAU Jump Rope. Trossman is the 10th Kangaroo Kid jumper to receive this award since 1996.

Top 10 results for the Kangaroo Kids:

Male Individual Events

One Minute Speed 9-10: 4. Michael Maiden. 11-12: 4. David Gordon. 13-14: 3. Cameron Simmons. 15-17: 1. Mason Rogers; 3. Sam Trossman.

One Minute Power 9-10: 3. Michael Maiden. 11-12: 6. David Gordon; 7. Michael Laper. 13-14: 3. Cameron Simmons. 15-17: 2. Mason Rogers; 3. Sam Trossman.

Freestyle 9-10: 2. Michael Maiden. 11-12: 2. David Gordon; 5. Michael Laper. 13-14: 6. Cameron Simmons. 15-17: 1. Mason Rogers; 2. Sam Trossman.

Overall Individual Male Medalists

9-10: Bronze — Michael Maiden.

11-12: Bronze — David Gordon.

13-14: Bronze — Cameron Simmons.

15-17: Gold — Mason Rogers; Bronze — Sam Trossman.