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Jump rope

Kangaroo Kids

Twenty members of the Kangaroo Kids Competition team traveled to Long Beach, Calif. to compete in the USA Jump Rope National Championships June 21–24. The event featured over 700 jumpers from 57 teams from across the nation. All combined, the Kangaroo Kids brought home a total of 32 medals, 34 ribbons, seven plaques and one trophy.

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Prior to the national championship, the Gold Rush competition was held which allowed competitors who didn't previously qualify to earn a chance to compete in the National Championship. Anna Lawson placed first in freestyle and moved on to compete in the national championship.

In the All-Around categories at the national championships, Kangaroo Kids placed fifth for All-Around Speed team and third in the All-Around Freestyle team and for the second year in a row, the Kangaroo Kids won Grand National Champion Overall team.

In the All-Around Male Masters Division, Mason Rogers placed third. The Kangaroo Kids placed fifth in the small team show category.

Ten members of the Kangaroo Kids qualified to compete in the Grand National Championship in one or more events by having one of the top 12 scores across all age groups in a speed event or by placing first in their age division freestyle event or having one of the top eight scores in a freestyle event across all the age groups.

For the Grand National Championship, Kangaroo Kids were represented seven times on stage for speed events and six times for freestyle events. Jumpers qualifying in speed events were Cecilia Hartley, Sydni Horner, Allison Richards, Beth Short, Mason Rogers, Cassandra Tarash, Sam Trossman and Lynn Walsh.

Qualifying by winning their age division freestyle event or by having one of the eight highest overall scores across all age groups for freestyle events were Hartley, Horner, Christina Kratzmeier, Rogers, Short, Sophie Skalny, Trossman and Walsh.

Mason Rogers placed second in the Grand Nationals Male Three-Minute Speed and third in the Male Freestyle events. Hartley, Rogers, Trossman and Walsh who placed second in the Grand Nationals Double Dutch Pairs Freestyle event.

Kangaroo Kids team members who placed in the top 10 of the USA Jump Rope National Age Division Championship are:

Male Individual Events

One-Minute Speed (age 15-17): 2. Mason Rogers; 8. Sam Trossman.

Three-Minute Speed (15-17): 1. Mason Rogers; 6. Sam Trossman.

Triple Unders (15-17): 3. Sam Trossman; 4. Mason Rogers.

Freestyle (15-17): 3. Mason Rogers; 8. Sam Trossman.

Female Individual Events

One-Minute Speed (11-12): 10. Sophie Skalny. 15-17: 4. (tie) Beth Short and Lynn Walsh; 5. Cassandra Tarash.

Three-Minute Speed (11-12): 9. Sophie Skalny. 15-17: 9. Beth Short.