Ellicott City's US Tae Kwan Do

Ellicott City's US Tae Kwan Do Demo Team won the TKD Kyung Hee University Championship Tournament at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut on May 19. (Submitted photo, Submitted photo / June 12, 2012)

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Martial Arts

TKD Kyung Hee University Championship Tournament

On May 19 the US Tae Kwon Do Demo Team, based in Ellicott City and instructed by Master Lee and Master Im, traveled to the first annual TKD Kyung Hee University Championship Tournament at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. The team, which won the Demonstration Team competition, was made up of the following members: Hong Su Kim, Cathryn Aptel, Michael Daugherty, James Gordon, Alex Rousell, Paul Park, Alex Taylor, DJ Buckshaw, Yuhyun (Erin) Ko, Justin Mar, William Na, Harrison Muller, Andrew Shin, Grace Shin, Luke Turner, Nathaniel Smith, Jayce Baek, Tyler Fanyo-Tabak, Justin Baek, Emily Bartucca, Isabel Cate, Jared Garber, Subin Jang, Patrick Kim, Tommy Na, Alexia Neyhart, John Rivers, Denver Bean, Hong Min Kim, Joey Lawrence, Govardhen Arunagiri, Peter Cate, Joseph Choi, Joseph Chong, Ye Chan Park and Ryan Turner. Several team members also received gold and silver medals in individual events including board breaking, sparring and form presentation.

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Columbia Clippers

The Columbia Clippers competed in three meets recently, with the following swimmers placing in the top 8.

GTAC 8-U Aquatic Festival, May 19-20

Girls: Sanjana Rao: 7. 25 backstroke; Rachel Soubier: 8. 25 free, 6. 100 free; Sara Emig: 4. 25 breaststroke, 8. 50 free, 3. 50 breaststroke, 7. 100 IM; Breanna Hibbert: 7. 100 free.

Boys: Aaron Zeng: 4. 100 free.

Virginia Long Course State Championships, May 25-27 at the Oak Marr Recreation Center

13-14G: Kelly McGillicuddy: 6. 200 backstroke; Jordan Corley: 3. 200 breaststroke; Melanie Watt: 7. 100 butterfly, 7. 200 butterfly.

15UG: Theresa Cotter: 5. 200 backstroke, 7. 200 IM; Peyton Walker: 7. 200 backstroke; Victoria Radcliffe: 6. 200 IM; Alicia Frey: 8. 400 IM.

11-12B: Greg Costello: 6. 50 free; Adam Elshafel: 6. 100 free, 5. 50 breaststroke, 5. 200 breaststroke.

13-14B: Alexander Gliese: 2. 400 free, 1. 200 backstroke, 7. 200 IM; Sam Sisney: 6. 100 backstroke, 6. 200 backstroke.

15UB: Noah Pritchard: 8. 100 butterfly, 7. 200 butterfly.

Naval Academy Aquatics Club A Buster, June 2-3

10UG: Eileen Wang: 3. 100 butterfly, 6. 50 breaststroke, 3. 100 backstroke; Natalina Baldinazzo: 4. 100 butterfly, 4. 50 butterfly; Nora Wilson: 3. 100 breaststroke; Victoria Zhang: 3. 50 backstroke.

11-12G: SaraBeth Sisney: 8. 50 backstroke.

12UG: Morgan Liberto: 8. 400 free, 2. 200 butterfly.