Free Relays

6-UM: 1. Beck, Ditch, Nogle, Bowles, 2:23.79.

8-UM: 2. Osterman, Saunderson, Rowell, Nogle.

9-10G: 2. Wargo, Lee, Simmerly, Shugar; 3. Obler, Thompson, Koo, Utz.

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9-10B: 1. Dixon, M. Sims, S. Maruschak, Ditch, 2:58.18; 3. Okamoto, Pochettino, L. Sims, Hamilton.

11-12G: 2. Harding, Striegel, Van't Hoff, Sowers.

11-12B: 1. Perret, Masters, Salmans, Woo, 2:42.95; 2. Ditch, Tebben, Larsson, Boyle.

13-14G: 2. Dixon, Dorn, Saunderson, Christian.

13-14B: 1. Saunderson, Zaner, Osborn, Rutten, 2:09.24; 3. Tyler Bull, Rados, Smith, Tristen Bull.

15-18M: 1. B. Rutten, Victoria Cheng, Virginia Cheng, Saunderson, 2:03.90.

North St. John's, 250; Waverly Woods, 238

On a very cold and rainy Saturday, the North St. John's Blue Marlins won in a very close meet against the Waverly Woods Watercats, 250-238, in their last home meet of the summer.

Several swimmers for both teams placed first in all of their events. For Waverly, those swimmers were Luke Jantac, Gabriela Jantac, Justin Nguyen, Austin Nguyen, Derek Nguyen, Sarah Kim, Connor Wray, Samantha Ai, Eric Lang, Daniel Ahn and Kellie Malaney.

For North St. John's, placing first in all of their events were Deanna Parsons, Jeffrey Roman, Ben Skopic and Kayla Snyder.

Other first-place finishers for Waverly were Timmy Malaney, Madison Hooper, Trey Conroy, Christy Ahn and Agnes Kim. Other first-place finishers for North St. John's were Samantha Ekanayake, Anika Ekanayake, Matt Kohler, Brooke Hoffman, Cassie Meyers, Brendan Rice, Elisa Santoni, Dylan Wilson and Kevin Zgorski.

North St. John's honored its seniors — Leanne Hoppers, Drew Risinger, Philip Romano, Elisa Santoni and Haley Such — at their last home meet of the season.

Individual Medley

9-10G: 1. Jantac, WW, 1:18.72; 2. Han, WW; 3. Comegys, NSJ.

9-10B: 1. (tie) J. Nguyen, WW, and A. Nguyen, WW; 1:20.72; 3. Zgorski, NSJ.

11-12G: 1. Maloney, WW, 1:22.16; 2. Lee, WW; 3. Roman, NSJ.