13-14B: 3. A. Li; 4. J. Wong.

13-14G: 1. A. Li, 41.66; 7. C. Liu.

15-18B: 1. J. Tse, 33.53; 10. T. Lewis.

15-18G: 3. A. Wong; 9. N. Liu.

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Free Relays

8-UM: 3. E. Xu, M. Doan, M. Liu, E. Doan.

9-18B: 1. T. Hochkeppel, T. Phamdo, K. Hu, Z. Grissom, 2:07.13.

9-18G: 2. H. Zhang, T. Doan, K. Joseph, H. Green.

Howard County Invitational

On Sunday, July 15, the Roger Carter Seals and Howard County Recreation and Parks hosted the 45th annual Howard County Invitational swim meet. Various Howard County teams were represented with some unattached swimmers coming to join in the fun. Many races had very close finishes and much cheering and shouting filled the morning.

Top finishers:

Individual Medley

8-UG: 1. E. Xu, 1:50.72; 2. R. Soubier; 3. L. Pelligrini.

8-UB: 1. T. Brooks, 1:59.26; 2. A. Lutz.

9-10G: 1. L. Cucchiaro, 1:35.62; 2. H. Zhang.

9-10B: 1. T. Hochkeppel, 1:35.65; 2. K. Mo.

11-12G: 1. A. VanNetta, 1:17.22; 2. S. Zhang; 3. J. Lamperella.

11-12B: 1. T. VanNetta, 1:20.41; 2. M. Pellegrini; 3. J. Daugherty.

13-14G: 1. J. Li; 2. S. Hochkeppel; 3. A. Li

13-14B: 1. J. Wang, 1:12.11; 2. D. Wang; 3. A. Li.