Hammond Park

The Hammond Park Stingrays ended their season with a 273-215 loss to Spring Lake. Eric Scholz earned three first-place wins for all of the Stingrays' meets, finishing the season with an undefeated record. The six-and-under relay team pulled out an amazing race, rallying everybody at the pool with a come-from-behind finish in the last leg.

Carter Nogle, Marcus Osborn, Drew Rutten and Scholz earned three first-place finishes each.

Double winners included Victoria Cheng, Ryan Harding, Jack Saunderson and Kyle Saunderson.

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Single winners were Christina Barrett, John Beck, Elena Bowles, Virginia Cheng, Sam Devroye, Christopher Ditch, Sophia Ditch, Ethan Dixon, Sean Maruschak, Jack Masters, Claire O'Shaughnessy, Jake Perret, Charlotte Ravel, Brad Rutten, Anthony Salmans, Matthew Sims, Lucas Woo and Evan Zaner.

Individual Medley

9-10G: 2. Ravel.

9-10B: 1. Harding, 1:36.50; 3. Osborn; 4. Dixon.

11-12G: 2. A. O'Shaughnessy; 4. Saunderson.

11-12B: 1. Scholz, 1:24.44; 3. Masters.

13-14G: 3. Rowell.

13-14B: 1. Rutten, 1:19.47; 2. Sellers; 4. Tebben.

15-18G: 4. Rutten; 5. Barrett; 6. Hsieh.

15-18B: 5. Rutten; 6. Higgins.


6-UG: 2. Bowles; 6. Ditch.

6-UB: 1. Nogle, 31.15; 2. Beck.

8-UG: 5. Saunderson.

8-UB: 2. Osterman; 3. Nogle; 4. Veeck.

9-10G: 2. Ravel; 3. Devroye.