The West Howard swim team lost to Springlake, 242-241. Standout performances were made by the following West Howard swimmers who won their individual races:

Individual Medley

11-12G: 1. M. Kemp.

11-12B: 1. Ryan Jones.

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13-14B: 1. M. McGee.

15-18G: 1. C. Jordan.


6-UB: 1. D.J. Stolba.

9-10G: 1. A. O'Byrne.

9-10B: 1. M. Thompson.

11-12B: 1. C. Reese.

13-14B: 1. T.J. Barlow.

15-18G: 1. A. Browning.


6-UB: 1. D.J. Stolba.

9-10G: 1. T. Berry.

11-12G: 1. K. O'Bryne.

11-12B: 1. N. Brewer.

13-14B: 1. T.J. Barlow.