The tweet: First-year coach Davia Procida couldn't turn down the opportunity to coach at her alma mater and she's formulating some long term plans for a team that has struggled at times. "Eventually, my goal is to develop Wilde Lake into a very competitive program," she said.

Procida has talked to her team about the definition of success and how it is measured.

"Winning games is good but that's not all that matters. We will set individual goals for each game," she said.

Expect to find freshmen Kelsey Diven and Woudese Besikadu, a defender, in the starting lineup.

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Procida said her team is very selfless and she is trying to create an opportunity for every player to score.

"I hope some teams are surprised by us," she said. "I think people will see a very big improvement."

Glenelg Country School

2011 record: 3-10 IAAM B, 6-14

Top players: Juniors Nicole Rieu (MF), KevynAnn Jorgenson (D); sophomores Ashley Mink (MF), Cameron Baumgardner (GK).

The tweet: The IAAM season begins before the public school season, so Glenelg Country entered the week with a 1-1 record. The Dragons will look to Rieu and Mink to lead their offense. Sophomore Lauren Smith (A) will get quality playing time as will freshman Lizzie Rice (MF).

Coach Paige Walton describes her team as young, resilient, motivated and aggressive. There are only four seniors on the squad.

To be successful, Walton said her team needs "to do the simple things very well, they will have to communicate and support each other on defense and be aggressive all over the field."


2011 record: 7-4 IAAM C, 9-9

Top players: Seniors Amy Tragesar (MF), Syndey Ackman (MF), Deana Bradley (D), Tori Heigh (D); juniors Emily Roberts (GK), Kaitlyn Wetzel (GK), sophomore Hailee Winand (D); freshmen Amy McNamara (MF), Emma Rufolo (MF).

The tweet: The Yellowjackets (3-0) are a mix of skilled players, some experienced and some brand-new players. Coach Colleen Norton has worked on getting two newcomers and one returning player up to speed.

"They have stepped up and look like they haven't just picked up a stick, but have been playing lacrosse for a few years," she said. The trio — Christina VanWingerden, Katelyn Kerr and Julia del Carmen — are playing attack. Freshman Casey Garlic will help out on defense.

"They have great chemistry and work very well together on and off the field," Norton said. "There is not just one star on this team …it's a very well-rounded team."