"While our girls may be less experienced in lacrosse than at other schools, they are athletic and mentally tough," coach Megan Gittermann said. "They work hard for each other and they love the sport."

Gittermann adds that her team needs to hustle and fight for every success on the field. "Self-doubt is our biggest enemy at Oakland Mills, so we can't afford for any mental weakness to creep into our game."


2011 record: 4-7, 6-10

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Top players: Senior Katie Westermeyer (A), sophomores Leah Monroe (A), Shayna Tiller (MF).

The tweet: Six freshmen and five sophomores make Reservoir a team with a future. "We are a brand new, very young team made up of talented girls who are eager to learn," coach Katie Lee said.

The Gators' roster includes two seniors and five juniors.

"We're going to need to learn to play together in order to develop a chemistry that will win games," Lee said.

She expects freshman Alexis Bartley (MF) and sophomore Blair Bonner (D/MF) to be impact players. Monroe and Westermeyer will lead the team's offense.

River Hill

2011 record: 8-3, 9-5

Top players: Seniors Katie Marlatt (A), Nina Collins (D), Carly Brunett (D); juniors Abigail Thielemann (A), Kendall Thielemann (A), Kelly Maloney (A), Paige Lorton (A); sophomores Julia Collins (A), Jenna Collins (A).

The tweet: Although River Hill returns seven starters from last year, the Hawks are still fielding a young squad. There are five seniors, 15 juniors, three sophomores and two freshmen on the 25-player squad.

Allie Lloyd will mind the net behind low defenders Emily Marlatt and Lia Valdesuso.

River Hill has three sets of sisters, two of which are twins.

"We have a balanced team dominated by veteran juniors and experienced sophomores," coach Jay Bond said. "As a result, we have the ability to control the ball and the pace of the game."

A big key for the Hawks will be staying healthy.

Wilde Lake

2011 record: 1-10, 3-11

Top players: Seniors Paige Thumel (MF), Natalie Fioretto (D), Morgan Shepherd (A); sophomores Grayson Corbett (MF), Rebecca Riley (D).