He lives in York with his wife, Meredith, and son, who was born earlier this year.

His coach at Laurel High, Dwayne Jones, is the now the school's principal.

"That was a good group of kids. Damian was a skinny forward who could do a lot of things," Jones said. "He could put the ball on the floor and he had a nice jumper. But the best thing about him is he is a good person. He was a good student and he comes from a good family."

Despite his success, Pitts is unsure he wants to move up to the Division I ranks.

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"I don't know if I want to be a Division I head coach," he said. "The turnover is greater at that level. You have to travel all over the place. I have a young family and the environment at Division II and Division III appeals to me more. The campuses are a lot more intimate. We are not a small school but the community is very closely knit."

"The focus is different. It is always a student-drive culture," he said of Division II. "They want you to win, but they want you to graduate far more and have a good team grade-point average. Millersville is one of the best state schools."

He would be open to being a head coach.

"I would not be against it. It depends on what the situation would be. I have learned quite a bit from Fred," Pitts said.

Who is his best mentor as a coach?

"Fred Thompson is obviously the biggest mentor. I have been around him the longest," Pitts said. "I think I have learned from every coach I have been with, from coach Jones to coach (Leonard) Trevino at Goucher and coach Tom Rose at Mt. Carmel. They all had similarities and differences as far as coaching philosophy. Coach Jones was very intense. He was definitely very intense. At that time he was new to coaching himself. He taught us defensive concepts and the motion offense."

"He does coaching, recruiting and administration. He does a good job with all of them," said Thompson, who feels he would make a quality head coach.? "I think he has a great opportunity. The sky is the limit for him."