The group discussed the importance of spending, job creation and investment in infrastructure in growing our economy, a recurring theme in O'Malley's comments throughout the day.

That afternoon, O'Malley helped the Maryland delegation honor Sargent Shriver, who ran on George McGovern's 1972 ticket, at the Mint Museum in downtown Charlotte before preparing for the night's opening convention session.

When asked what Obama needs to do in order to clinch the election win, O'Malley reverted to his stance on the importance of employment.

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“Job growth will help us bring down our deficit, job growth will help us feed our children, job growth is what makes us strong as a country and allows us to educate higher and better levels of every generation,” he said.

O'Malley was modest about his not-so-modest role in the convention this week and said he was here solely to support Obama and ensure his re-election. However, political observers say O'Malley may have his eyes on the 2016 presidential race.

“I'm all about the president,” O'Malley said. “This is not the Martin O”Malley story, nor frankly, is it the Maryland story. This is about President Obama and the better choices he's making, the choices that are moving us forward.”

Salisbury Mayor and convention delegate James Ireton echoed this sentiment.

“The governor is so squarely focused on where he's going to take the state. He's so squarely focused on working with congressional delegation, with president Obama, with the cabinet secretaries, on moving us forward.”

Kamenetz thinks that, although O'Malley is focused on President Obama, he has to be doing some networking this week.

“I know that Governor O'Malley is here to support President Obama and to ensure President Obama's re-election but at the same time I know Governor O'Malley is going to utilize the opportunities to continue his outreach to different states and to the delegations here,” Kamenetz said. “Frankly he's the future of our party, and why not showcase people like that? That's very important for the national audience to get another taste of him.”