M&D Lacrosse Club

The Howard County based 2012 M&D Black team won the championship of the Challenge Cup in Downingtown, Pennsylvania held June 10-12. The team competed in the Elite Division, which featured the best 2012 graduating class teams from throughout the country. This is the eighth consecutive tournament dating back to the fall of 2009 the team has captured. 

M&D Black 2012 defeated Ultimate Blue, 14-2; Long Island Liberty, 13-7; Nems, 16-5, and Massachusetts Revs, 12-6, in the quarterfinals. Then M&D defeated Skywalkers Blue, 11-4, in the semifinals and Checkhers, 13-3, in the finals.

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Howard County residents on the team include Taylor Cummings, Katie Ferraro, Molly Fleming, Megan Flock, Lauren Lea, Elise Liberto, Meghan Milani, Kelly Phelan, Megan Wallenhorst and Anne Zabel.


Columbia Ravens travel

The Columbia Ravens 9th grade girls team captured the Beachbound II title in Ocean City recently. This year's Beachbound II tournament teamed up with the non-profit group Toys for Children with Cancer. All the teams that participated in the tournament donated new toys to benefit this organization, which turned out to be a huge success.

The Ravens started the weekend 8 a.m. Saturday game by pulling off a win against the Lady Blue Devils of West Virginia. Later that day, the Ravens posted a win over the Wildcats from Bel Air, MD.

Sunday, the Ravens suffered a one-point overtime loss to the Delaware Angels only to meet them again in the championship game later that afternoon. The Ravens went into that game fueled up and ready to go. The girls kicked it into high gear and pulled off a 10-point win with a final score of 35-25.

The previous week the Ravens won the Slammin' Jam at the Community College-Baltimore County.

Members of the Ravens team are Kasey Calloway, Erika Faass, Alexis Green, Symrin Greenhow, Emma Hoesman, Shannon Kelliher, Zelor Massaquoi, Sam Mocniak, Breya Wallace and Shannon Tyler


Howard County Striders

Fifty-eight runners came out on Father's Day to run the Howard County Striders award race at Burleigh Manor Middle School. Awards were given out to the 45 people who qualified based on points for the spring series, as well as a male and female volunteer for the season.

Ted Poulos and Sarah Lebro led the way in the two-mile race, while Karsten Brown and Morgana D'Ottavi won the five-miler.

Two-mile results: 1. Ted Poulos, 10:54; 2. Ben Costello, 11:04; 3. Marshall Demaree, 11:29; 4. Ryan Hermstein, 11:46; 5. John Way, 11:48; 6. Paul Eyes, 12:07; 7. Chad Burger, 12:14; 8. Darnell Smith, 12:15; 9. Sean Costello, 12:28; 10. Sarah Lebro, 12:43.

11. David Jun, 12:44; 12. Greg Costello, 14:04; 13. Pat Huffman, 15:01; 14. Ronnie Wong, 15:03; 15. James Blackwood, 15:10; 16. Stephen Doff, 15:35; 17. Kevin Hermstein, 15:37; 18. Karen Harvey, 15:43; 19. Roger Calvert, 15:54; 20. Dee Nelson, 15:56.

21. Charles Blum, 16:30; 22. Kash Hartz, 16:42; 23. Leonard Guralnick, 18:06; 24. Patty Swank, 18:27; 25. Abigail Doff, 18:43; 26. Amanda Gorski, 18:58; 27. Melinda Krummerich, 19:41; 28. Denise Hyde, 20:08; 29. Brayden Lehmkuhl, 20:26.2; 30. Brent Lehmkuhl, 20:26.8.

31. Gosia Grodsky, 20:37; 32. Stan Way, 21:40; 33. Jennifer Jun, 22:10; 34. Morgan Lehmkuhl, 23:26.1; 35. Michelle Lehmkuhl, 23:26.6; 36. Melissa Burger, 23:49; 37. Barbara Calvert, 24:57.