Forest Hill swimmer Andrew Coe

Andrew Coe of Forest Hill celebrates his victory in the 13-14 boys 100 freestyle event during a swim meet at North St. John's swim club in Ellicott City on Saturday, July 23, 2011. (Staff photo by Brian Krista, Patuxent Publishing / July 27, 2011)

The North St. John's Blue Marlins swim team and Forest Hill Frogs ended the 2011 swim season with enthusiasm at a July 23 home meet for North St. John's as the Blue Marlins came away with a 300-188 victory.

Jonathon Arbaugh, Deanna Parsons, Andrew Coe and Alyssa Corb all placed first in each of their individual events. Brendan Rice, Kayla Snyder, Brooke Hoffman, Camryn Wilson, Danielle Clark, Katlyn Martin, Justin Cargiulo, Andrew Hockersmith, Tara Lanehart, Jeffrey Roman, Dalton Coe, Will Brown and Elizabeth Hunter took first place in two events.

Both teams will compete again Saturday, July 30 at the Central Maryland Swim League Division 1 Championship meet at Forest Hill.

North St. John's, 300; Forest Hill, 188

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Individual Medley

9-10G: 1. Golden, FH, 1:32.22; 2. Harrington, FH; 3.Tulenko, FH.

9-10B: 1. Rice, NSJ, 1:33.57; 2. Hockersmith, FH; 3.Draminski, FH.

11-12G: 1. Snyder, NSJ, 1:14.22; 2. Lanehart, FH; 3. Baldy, FH.

11-12B: 1. Packard, FH, 1:27.83; 2. Holland, NSJ; 3. Graef, FH.

13-14G: 1. Clark, FH, 1:14.28; 2. Santoni, NSJ; 3. Pacione, FH.

13-14B: 1. Zgorski, NSJ, 1:11.37; 2. Hunter, FH; 3. Rice, NSJ.

15-18G: 1. Hunter, FH; 2. Santon, NSJ; 2. Rout, NSJ.

15-18M: 1. Hulbert, FH; 2. M. Smith, FH; 3. R. Smith, NSJ.


6-UG: 1. Wilson, NSJ, 21.28; 2. Scherock, FH; 3. Sating. FH.

6-UB: 1. Brown, FH, 25.58; 2. Arnold, NSJ; 3. Schickler. NSJ.

7-8G: 1. Corb, NSJ, 17.84; 2. Lee, FH; 3. Perna. NSJ.

7-8B: 1. Hockersmith, FH, 17.34; 2. Shobert, FH; 3. Guillen. FH.

9-10G: 1. Golden, FH,33.99; 2. Coe, FH; 3. Conroy, NSJ.

9-10B: 1. Rice, NSJ, 35.58; 2. Hockersmith, FH; 3. Good, FH.