11-12B: 1. Osborn, 41.03; 2. Sellers; 4. Tiongson.

13-14G: 2. Cheng; 4. Kaplan.

13-14B: 2. Petrillo; 3. Sims; 4. Kohn; 5. Dorn; 6. Harwerth.

15-18G: 2. Tuttle; 3. Barrett; 5. Cheng; 6. D'Costa.

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15-18B: 2. Barrett; 3. Heim; 4. Harwerth; 5. Higgins; 6. Christian.

Free Relays

8-UM: 2. Sims, Saunderson, Devroye, Wargo.

9-10G: 2. Hatzakos, Devroye, Stetser, Van't Hoff.

9-10B: 1. Saunderson, Sartwell, Perret, Ravel; 3:13.50; 2. Dixon, Sims, Ditch, Salmans.

11-12G: 2. Malcolm, Sowers, Dorn, Christian; 3. Macek, Pepe, Saunderson, Harding.

11-12B: 1. Osborn, Heim, Sellers, Scholz; 2:28.94.

13-14G: 1. Kaplan, Raymond, D'Costa, Hsieh; 2:28.38.

15-18M: 2. Rados, Pflaum, Lineberry, Smith; 3. Haslam, Christian, Rutten, Malcolm.

Roger Carter, 375; Pointer Ridge, 199

The Roger Carter Seals won their last dual meet of the Prince-Mont season, beating Pointer Ridge Swim and Racquet Club, from Bowie, 375-199. The Seals ended their season with 4-1 record.

Strong swimming won the Seals 40 individual events and all five relays.

Seals with triple wins were Zach Grissom, Shannon Hochkeppel, Jessica Li, Jeffrey Tse and Justin Wang. Double winners included Wynne Kirchner, Rachel Lin, Daniel Wang, Joseph Wang and Sarah Zhang.

Individual winners were Naomi Chao, Co-Tu Doan, Ethan Doan, Hannah Green, Troy Hochkeppel, Anna Li, Heidi Li, Lisa Li, Nancy Liu, Dillon Phamdo, Kaman Phamdo, Courtney Tse, Ashley Wong, Joseph Wong and Hannah Zhang.

The Seals will drive to New Carrollton July 23 for the Division D meet against Fort Washington, New Carrollton, Pointer Ridge, Russett and Smallwood in the Prince-Mont Swim League.

Swimmers placing first in the final heat will qualify for the All Stars meet which will be held at the Whitehall Pool and Tennis Club, in Bowie, July 30. All Stars will include the top 18 swimmers in each stroke from the Prince-Mont League Divisions A-G. Swimmers can also qualify by having top times in the league from the summer season.