6-UM: 1. Hanrahan, D. Hafiz, Weaver, Tracton, 2:26.31.

7-8M: 1. Beaumont, Murphy, Daly, Flynn, 1:34.67.

9-10G: 3. Danaher, Oliver, Pomerantz, Sniezek.

9-10B: 1. Daly, Dowdall, Haugh, Quinn, 2:59.03; 2. Bos, Cohen, Hanrahan, Murphy.

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11-12G: 2. Carroll, Elky, Habiger, Murphy.

13-14G: 2. Hanrahan, Pomerantz, Riggin, Flynn.

13-14B: 1. Cohen, Derenge, Habiger, Linsenmeyer, 2:16.50.

15-18M: 1. Danaher, Kalodner-Martin, Nikiel, Ramis, 2:05.22; 2. Hall, Hanrahan, Garner, Weiss.

West Howard, 260; Bolton Hill, 228

West Howard defeated Bolton Hill, 260-228, July 16.

Triple winners for West Howard were Cassie Jordan, Kaitlyn O'Byrne and Bryan Byrd. Double winners were Caroline Browning, Ashley O'Byrne, Julie Meissner and D.J. Stolba. Chris Reese, Robert Brewer and Carson Bowser each claimed one individual gold medal.

West Howard had 16 swimmers qualify for the Straehle Invitational meet in 24 different events.


Columbia Neighborhood Swim LeaguePheasant Ridge, 309; Owen Brown, 309

Medley Relays

15-18M: 1. PH (Dannelly, Carlson, Amin, Ross), 2:15.90.

9-10M: 1. OB (Seetoo, Bickhart, Claxton, Curruth), 1:20.10.

11-12M: 1. PH (Coates, Davis, Abate, Key), 2:41.80.

13-14M: 1. OB (Fouts, Seyfried, Stockford, Koh), 2:18.62.

Individual Medley