Meadowbrook, 315; Forest Hill, 171

In their fourth dual meet of the season, the Forest Hill Frogs held the lead after two events. The Meadowbrook Tomatoes then turned on the heat and defeated the Frogs, 315-171. It was a fun and competitive meet for all.

Jon Arbaugh, Michael Brady and Alex Ewart achieved two first-place finishes in individual events for Forest Hill.

The meet was also exciting for one Meadowbrook family. Polly Winde Surhoff's 1980 Forest Hill pool record of 35.80 for 15-18 girls 50-meter breaststroke was topped by not just one, but both of her daughters. Jordan Surhoff, 16, set the pool record for the event at 34.44, and Kendall Surhoff, 17, also bettered her mother's time with a 35.24.

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Polly Surhoff still holds the Forest Hill team record (34.78), which she set in 1981.

Top finishers for Forest Hill:

Individual Medley

9-10G: 3. H. Harrington.

9-10B: 2. C. Hockersmith.

11-12G: 2. T. Lanehart; 3. M. Baldy.

11-12B: 1. M. Brady, 1:17.18; 3. D. Coe.

13-14G: 2. A. Pacione.

13-14B: 1. A. Ewart, 1:07.62; 2. M.Brady.

15-18G: 1. A.Golebiowski, 1:28.50; 2. C. Wilson; 3. A. Paterson.

15-18B: 1. A. Vorel, 1:15.78; 2. P. Vorel; 3. M. Keimig.


6-UG: 2. E. Scherock; 3. S. Sating.

8-UB: 3. A. Hockersmith.

9-10G: 2. Z. Golden; 3. K. Coe.

9-10B: 2. C. Hockersmith.