"The stream of warm oil promotes a deeper level of relaxation," explained Nanousa Sidhu, one of Farashé's owners. "Afterwards, our clients tell us they experience such a total relaxation, followed by a level of mental clarity they don't normally have."

Sidhu adds that in between that deep relaxation and elevated clarity is a 15-minute period when they ask their clients to sit quietly and relax in the spa’s tranquility room before leaving.

"We don't like anyone getting up and driving right away," she explained. "It's important for the body and mind to rest briefly after this treatment to get the most benefit."

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

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$55 for 30 minutes

Lynn's Day Spa

5999 Harpers Farm Road, Columbia | 410-730-1822

Looking for a treatment that requires no scrubs, no oils and no rinses? Then lie back in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber at Lynn's Day Spa, and let 30 minutes of intense oxygen exposure rejuvenate your skin and body.

The Mayo Clinic website explains how such chambers work by pointing out that oxygen is carried throughout our bodies via the blood. This oxygen plays a role in everything from increased circulation and metabolism to tissue regeneration. In a hyperbaric oxygen chamber the air pressure is elevated up to three times higher than normal, which means oxygen intake can triple as well.

"There are so many benefits associated with making sure your body is getting the proper amount of oxygen, everything from nourishing tissues to boosting the immune system," explained spa owner Lynn Shannon. "It's particularly good for the skin, because the better your circulation is the healthier your skin will be."