What’s really struck me is how interesting and interested the American community is here in Howard County. And that’s a delight all its own. There aren’t many places that sweep you up and make you feel part of a community in such a short space of time. And it also strikes me how proud people are to live in Howard County. And I’m proud, too. Thanks for having me!

Here are a few of my most amusing learning experiences and observations about living in Howard County to date. For more of my anecdotes about the confusing, bemusing and amusing about being British in Howard County, you can visit my blog ukdesperatehousewifeusa.wordpress.com.


Aug. 14, 2012: Doing loads of stuff

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My plan is to do loads of stuff. And I start with advice from here: http://visitmaryland.org/Pages/MarylandHome.aspx

Wowsers, so much to do and see! I see the Civil War will be re-enacted many times over for us if we require it. Good job.


Aug. 22, 2012: Walk-in wardrobe

I love this wardrobe. It makes me happy just to open it and walk in and look at the colour combinations and walk out again.


U.S. mailboxes are a new experience for us. In the U.K. the postman drops the letters through your door and they land on your doormat. So we were delighted to see we had a mailbox at the end of our street with a key to open it. Much excitement!

It appeared to me that the key is not working on first attempt to retrieve my mail. So I try many keys. I wonder if a neighbor might intervene. Throughout the day I try and try again.

To my husband I say, “The key for the mailbox is not working.”

“You just go round to the front of the mailbox,” he says, “and we’re box number six.”

“Oh,” I say, “I’ve obviously been trying the back of it.”

“That’s the mailman’s side,” says he.

I have since found out it is a federal offence to attempt to access the mailman’s side. Whoops!

Sept. 7, 2012: Yellow School Bus

On my journey I passed either:
a) the birthplace of the Yellow School Bus
b) the resting place of the Yellow School Bus
c) or the mating ground of the Yellow School Bus

Millions of the buggers! Yes, they really do have the iconic Yellow School Bus. And I know where they live.