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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the new mom

Make the holiday season a bit more comforting for the new mom in your life. These gifts will show her how much she's loved and cherished ... especially during this hectic time of year.

Every mom needs and deserves quality alone time, especially new moms. Hang the Mommy time sign
on her door and she will love you forever. $16.

Mom will be able to carry her little one with her wherever she goes. Made with sterling silver and 18K gold, the unique Maternity Charm is available for $480 at

For a convenient and comfortable gift, consider a nursing pillow from Posh Living. The pillow, which is available in custom fabrics, can also be used to help babies learn to sit and is comfy on their tummies. $60 at

Moms can forever preserve their precious baby bumps with a belly art casting kit, which contains five rolls of plaster tape, belly-casting lubricant, plastic drop cloth and more. The non-toxic cast is easy to make and decorate. $22 at

If there's a new mom in your life, sign her up for some Maternity Concierge services from Pampered Mommas in Baltimore. Services include in-home pre-natal massages, nap nannies, cloth diaper education and even a "babymoon" for expecting couples.

Now babies can rock out to mommy's music while they're in the womb. Deluxe bellybuds bellyphones are comfortably worn directly on the belly, which allows the mom-to-be to go about her daily tasks. $45 at

The goal of Beverly Johnston's Time Saver Advantage service is to give mom time and a helping hand. The Columbia-based personal assistant service will tackle anything from running errands and shopping to meal preparation and chores around the house. Gift certificates available.

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