Wilde Lake “won 90 percent of the 50/50 balls in the first half,” said Oakland Mills’ Christina Bleivik.  After Peters’ first-half score, “We tried to rally back in the second half but couldn't get much rolling.”

Prepping for playoffs

Mt. Hebron beat Glenelg, 2-1.

Samantha Creese scored on an assist from Taylor Zucco for Glenelg’s goal. Details about Mt. Hebron’s goals were not available.

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Lindsey Mazer had seven saves and Kelly Geist eight as they shared time in the net for Glenelg.

“Both teams played really well,” said Glenelg’s Maureen Hammond. “It was a good game for us as we start to prepare for playoffs.”


Girls soccer leading scorers (by school, as of Oct. 14, goals only):

Atholton: Jenna Brewer, 8 goals; Maddie Boccio, 7; Katrina Macadoff, 6.

Centennial: Anna Mitchell, 7; Carolyn Eichhorn, 6; Reese Western, 3.

Chapelgate: Lydia Frierson, 26; Christina Vanwingerden, 3;

Glenelg: Samantha Creese, 8; Kathleen Mensing, 4; Kayla Renehan, 3; Sydney Peirce, 3.

Glenelg County School: Deja Hursey, 16; Chloe Lewis, 12; Sabrina DeLeonibus, 11;

Hammond: Allie Kennedy, 1; Zoe Pekins, 1; Cristina McGuire, 1.

Howard: Nia Elbeck, 8; Caitlyn Whitford, 4; Emma Bruzdzinski, 3;

Long Reach: Kristen Fawole, 12; Ana Rebaza, 10;Victoria Simpson, 4;

Marriotts Ridge: Morgan Crable, 6; Taylor Hensh, 5; Alexis Zadjura, 4.

Mt. Hebron: Susie Halper, 4; Kelly Richards, 3; Kelsi Folch, 2; JenGiles, 2.

Oakland Mills: Fern Peters 6; Rachel Hunter 2.

Reservoir: Tara Thompson, 3; Paola Rosa, 3;Lilly Hermina, 2; Keri Rager, 2.

River Hill: Sheridan Street, 17; Jen Voyton, 10; Alex Hamer, 6; Katie Arensmeier, 6.

Wilde Lake: Maria Pascale, 6; Brynn Drury, 6; Rachel Lazris, 3; Julia Rocha, 3.