As a parent of a ninth-grader at Glenelg High School, I am saddened and flabbergasted that the PTA is taking such a hard-line stance against student health and, indirectly, academic performance. I was equally shocked by the soda and candy machines moved into my child's school this year — especially as they directly conflict with the message taught in health classes.

I truly think it comes down to money that the school and boosters want to make. I read one reader's concern as to the negative impact of proposed wellness changes.

If the school needs to make money through snack foods and sodas, then cigarettes should also be offered. Teachers and some students are over 18 and that would be an equally unhealthy way to make money to me.

Healthy snacks and drinks can be part of a wellness program. I welcome the wellness program!

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Stephen Musselman

West Friendship