We would like to appreciate the service that was provided by the Laurel Police Dept. on Saturday, May 4, when the following incident happened at Main Street Dental.

We received a call from the alarm people on Saturday evening informing us that out dental office alarm had gone off. We called our neighbor who also heard some noise in the basement of the dental office. The police were notified and they came right away. It was a suspected robbery. The police came and surrounded the building in view of catching the suspected robber.

We wanted to let everyone know the police officers that were on duty that night provided an outstanding service and were very patient and helpful. This outstanding service made us realize we need to appreciate and provide credit to the local police officers that they deserve.

We wanted to share our experience with people in this town and let everyone (know) we think Laurel Police officers are the best.

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Nilesh and Chetna Kansangra

Main Street Dental