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Letter: Crazy statistics were used against Merriweather Post Pavilion


I just read Laura Mueller's letter to the editor regarding the "noise" generated from Merriweather Post Pavilion ("Merriweather noise causes carb craving, raises risk of heart attack," Jan. 10). Equating music with harmful noise is just one false assumption in her ridiculous argument. Four Gates Wellness Center is a mile from Merriweather; music from the loudest bands barely travel to the outdoor patio at Clyde's, which is half the distance. (I've sat there many a night straining to hear the music, which most normal people would find pleasant. By the way I felt zero carb cravings as a result.)  Add to this the fact that the offices are indoors, on the opposite side of the building from MPP, and well-insulated, and that concerts occur from 8-11 p.m., long after most people are occupying those offices. Finally, Merriweather has been a fixture of this community far longer than Ms. Mueller and her acupuncture center; when she moved there she knew, or should have known, of the proximity of MPP and the resulting "sound of music" in the evenings. All this adds up to a tempest in a teapot; Ms. Mueller is spouting some crazy statistics in order to bully the county into complying with her wishes. I think the democratic solution is to take a poll: would the citizens of Howard County prefer to retain Merriweather or Ms. Mueller? She can move if she finds the environment unhealthy.

Lynn Juliano


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