Prince George's bag fee

Enabling legislation to allow Prince George’s County to enact a bag fee must be passed by the Maryland General Assembly before the county can enforce the fee. (File photo / October 14, 2011)

A bill that would authorizePrince George's Countyto pass a law requiring retailers to charge a fee for disposable bags is temporarily stalled in the delegation's County Affairs Committee, the bill's sponsor said Thursday.

"Our one vote right now that we need to get it out of county affairs is in the hospital, so we have to wait," said Laurel Del. Barbara Frush, who is sponsoring the House version of the bill.

Frush is one of the six lawmakers who sit on thePrince George's CountyDelegation County Affairs Committee. Last week, the committee came out in a 3-2 vote supporting the bill, but the sixth member's vote is needed for the bill to move along.

The committee could vote on the bill as soon as Wednesday, Feb. 22, Frush said. She said she believes it will pass through the committee.

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If it does, the entirePrince George's CountyDelegation will vote whether or not to send it to the General Assembly for approval. If the bill fails to move out of committee, it will be dead for the year.