Specialty departments

What customers will find when they get inside the 135,000-square-foot store — which management estimates to be twice the size of an average grocery store in the area — are specialty departments for nearly everything.

Flanking the produce section are counters where customers can place orders for freshly washed and chopped vegetables and fruit.

In the food bar section, a shopper can purchase chef-prepared foods — some using recipes from India and Thailand — made on the premises for carryout or dine-in. There is also an Asian wokery and sushi and pizza stations. Plated meals range from $6 to $10, and there is a counter with stools where sandwiches and burgers can be ordered.

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To accommodate eating on the premises, a total of 400 seats are available in the prepared foods section, on an outside patio and on the second floor, which is accessible by escalator.

On Saturday, the day before the grand opening, employees will be dismissed at 2 p.m. "to decompress" and some will return at 11 p.m., such as the workers in the bakery department.

But the fun won't stop when grand-opening day ends, Webster said.

"Monday lunch will be so fun. It will be interesting to watch people figure out how to get lunch and what to do," she said.

The store will assume its normal operating hours of 6 a.m. to midnight daily beginning June 18.

Glover suggested people may want to come out on Sunday "with the idea that they're not here to shop, but to have a shared experience. People like to gawk, and we like gawkers."

She added that "usually in a month the frenzy dies down and the store develops its own pace. But the first month is a rocket ride."

Webster said Wegmans always has a positive effect on grocery stores in the vicinity, which will benefit all who live in the area.

"Everybody will lower their prices and clean up their stores," she said. "You'll get a better shopping experience no matter where you shop."