"The reality is law-abiding citizens don't abuse their firearms," he said.

Del. Guy Guzzone, a co-sponsor of the House bill, said one of the most important features of the bill is the licensing requirement that will limit the number of straw purchases, the purchasing of guns for someone not legally able to do so.

Combined with the ban on assault rifle sales, Guzzone said he believes the House will end up voting in favor of the governor's proposals.

Pendergrass and Del. Liz Bobo said they support the gun control package.

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Delegates Steven Deboy and James Malone did not return calls for comment.

Village managers might need license

A bill passed by the House last week and now in front of the Senate's Judicial Proceedings committee would require community managers throughout the state to be licensed by a newly created State Board of Common Ownership Community Managers within the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

The bill would exclude the Columbia Association Board of Directors but would require CA village managers to be licensed.

The original version of the bill excluded the CA Board members and village managers, according to bill co-sponsor Liz Bobo.

Bobo said she and Malone lobbied for Columbia's village managers to be excluded, but other representatives "wanted to keep them in" since other management groups will be required to be licensed.

Bobo said she doesn't believe it will be "an onerous process" to be licensed if the Senate also passes a bill in to include CA village managers.