'Hard pill to swallow'

Some North Laurel residents living near Beechcrest have said they fear the proposed project will attract more homeless to the area and increase crime and drug use.

Project planners have questioned those concerns by asking, "Would this be worse than what is there now?"

Brown said she was surpised to hear that comment.

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"These people are family to me," she said.

She added that there is not a lot of crime in the neighborhood and that she feels safe.

Molina said there is some vandalism in the area but, overall, living in Beechrest is "not so bad.

"If you don't mess with nobody, they don't mess with you," he said.

For Brown, knowing that the county plans on turning Beechcrest into a homeless housing complex is a "hard pill to swallow.

"I want to be compassionate for the homeless people, but where's the compassion for me?" she said.