Terry Brukiewa shows of the first Renaissance festival outfit he created, a peasant's dress for his niece six years ago. (Staff photo by Brian Krista / July 31, 2012)

Howard County students aren't the only ones with extra-curricular activities. There are more than 7,800 employees in the school system, including the people who work year-round behind the scenes in administration and the day-to-day operations, and more than 4,600 teachers who spend 10 months of their year in classrooms.

When they're at the jobs in the schools, however, many Howard County school employees are busy doing something far different. They are actors, crafters, volunteers, musicians and travelers. They have a vast array of hobbies and pursuits — extra-curricular activities — that occupy their nights, weekends and summer months.

The first day of school for students is Monday, Aug. 27. The first day of work for school-based staff is Monday, Aug. 20.

But until then, students and employees alike have another week or two of summer, which means another week or two for their extra-curriculars before the first bell rings.

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In the accompanying stories, we explore the summer pursuits of three Howard school employees: a teacher, an accountant and a graphic designer.

Or, a bee-keeper, a costume maker and a winemaker.