Ravens fans in Laurel, which is by the line between Washington Redskins country and Ravens country, are ready for their team to go to the Super Bowl next week. (Jen Rynda/BSMG)

Because of its central location in the state, sometimes the city of Laurel is considered a border town.

While that isn't necessarily true for everything, the term perfectly describes the city's population of sports fans, especially when it comes to NFL football.

Approximately a half-hour drive from both local team's home fan bases, the city is made up of a mix of supporters of the Super Bowl-bound Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins, who play their home games in Prince George's County.

"Laurel is probably split. It's nothing scientific; it's what you see when you are out at restaurants or out in the community or talking to people," said Mayor Craig Moe, a lifelong Redskins fan, sitting inside the Laurel Municipal Center last week.

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However, with the Ravens less than one week from playing the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, even the city's Redskins fans can't help but show a little purple pride.

Well, at least the ones working in city hall; thanks in large part to die-hard Ravens fan Lou Ann Crook.

"There are definitely more Redskins fans than Ravens fans, but we've been able to pick up more Ravens fans or convert them as the case may be," said Crook, who works as the mayor's executive assistance and has been a Ravens season ticket holder since 2003.

Even Moe, who on Friday wore a purple Ravens shirt given to him by Crook, couldn't help but agree that Crook has helped moved the dial in support of the Ravens.

"Yeah, she's got a lot of them converted now," Moe said.

Wearing her purple and white Joe Flacco jersey, Crook, a Laurel native, says purple has become part of her everyday wardrobe, even when it's not football season.

"People always laugh because they always know I'm going to be wearing purple," said Crook.

While purple is certainly Crook's color, she is more than willing to spread it throughout the building, even as far as to the mayor.

"I buy him something purple every year for Christmas," Crook said. "He doesn't always wear it, but I'm trying."

Howard County Council split on game plans

While purple fever has spread far and wide in neighboring Howard County, where government offices glow in purple haze when lit up at night, members of the Howard County Council aren't all on the same bandwagon. One council member will be traveling to New Orleans this weekend to attend Sunday's Super Bowl, and another doesn't even plan to watch.

County Council member Greg Fox and his son will be leaving BWI-Marshall Airport on Friday, flying to New Orleans for what Fox says will probably be his "first and only" Super Bowl trip.

Fox predicts he'll be returning to Baltimore in a good mood, because he thinks the Ravens will win by seven points.

As Fox is enjoying the game at the Superdome, council member Mary Kay Sigaty says she will probably be reading a book.

Sigaty said she is just "not a football fan" and even when she attends a Super Bowl party, she can be found sitting away from the TV talking with others who also don't want to watch the game.

Council member Calvin Ball could be the most superstitious of the council members.