2 to 3 cups lobster meat

1 1/2 cups soft bread crumbs

1 1/2 cups light cream (half and half)

2 eggs, well beaten

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4 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

Scant 1 teaspoon prepared mustard

5 teaspoons lemon juice

Pepper, and salt (if you must)

For the crumb topping, to clarify butter, melt until bubbly. Spoon off milk solids that rise to the top.

In a medium, non-stick skillet over medium heat, saute onion in clarified butter until translucent, about 4 minutes. Add bread crumbs, cracker crumbs and cook, stirring occasionally, until crumbs are buttery and light golden brown.

Butter or spray-coat a 2- or 3-quart baking dish. Layer into the dish the lobster, the soft bread crumbs, the light cream, the beaten eggs, the 4 tablespoons melted butter, the prepared mustard, the lemon juice and some pepper. Top with buttered crumbs (with onion and paprika). Bake at 350 degrees until crumb topping is deep brown and lobster mixture is bubbly. Makes 6 servings.

Far East lobster

Here we combine good ol' American lobster with ingredients of Japanese origin for a somewhat challenging (for summertime cooking) one-dish dinner with lots of interesting flavors and textures. To serve on the side, you might acquire a seaweed salad at a local Asian market or sushi restaurant. Or make a Japanese-American salad of iceberg lettuce, carrot shreds, tomato bits, some scallion slices and a store-bought soy-ginger dressing. Some spring rolls would be nice, too. Drink some of the sake you chose to use in this recipe. Or beer.

3 heads baby bok choy

1/2 pound dried Japanese udon noodles

6 tablespoons (1/3 cup) vegetable oil

3 small shallots, thinly sliced

2 navel oranges, peeled, as much of the pith removed as possible, sectioned, then halved widthwise

1 medium-large Vidalia onion, thinly sliced

3/4 pound oyster mushrooms, wiped clean with paper towels, bottoms off, stems removed, large caps quartered