Head coaches: Kyree Edwards (boys) and Jaime White (girls)

Top prospects, boys: Christopher Banko (Sr.), Ryan Dennis (Sr.), Marquez Sloan (Sr.), Micah Dailey (Jr.)

Top prospects, girls: Olivia Webster (Sr.), Jordan Ecker (Sr.)

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Outlook: "We have a great mix of returning runners and first-season competitors joining us this year," said coach Jaime White about the team of 10 boys and seven girls. The Eagles lost several runners to graduation.

Bel Air

Head coaches: Jon Andrews (boys) and Ashley Andrews (girls)

Top prospects, boys: Pat Voelker (Sr.), Roberto Ascenzi (Sr.), Chester Wrobel (Sr.), Austin Weiss (Fr.), Eric Ingram (So.), Noah Winter (Sr.), Jordan Mensh (So.), Ethan Brito (So.), Kenny Connelly (Fr.)

Top prospects, girls: Grayson Slencak (Sr.), Devon Townend (Sr.), Kelsea Hilditch (Jr.), Esther Cross (So.), Marisa Abbey (So.), Devon Davenport (So.), Megan Caudill (Sr.), Anna Puntanan (Fr.)

Outlook: The girls team lost four outstanding seniors to graduation but has a large, promising group of 43 runners with a mix of newcomers and returnees. The boys' team has what Jon Andrews describes as "another fantastic turnout" of 40 runners. The boys team should improve substantially on its seventh-place UCBAC finish of 2011.

C. Milton Wright

Head coaches: Donnie Mickey and Ray Lessnau

Top prospects, boys: Matt Hoerr (Sr.), Dan Fleming (Sr.), Brad Ensor (So.), Max Anderson (Jr.), Mike Capozzoli (Sr.), Corey Blanton (Sr.), Mike Neal (Sr.), Sam Lewis (Sr.), Ben Sigmon (Sr.)

Top prospects, girls: Megan Coughlin (Jr.), Taylor Walker (So.), Miriam Silton (Jr.), Kelley O'Neill (Jr.), Abby Fleming (Jr.), Becca Palmer (So.), Rachel Wakefield (So.), Lauren Kunkel (Sr.), Natalie Hutcheson (Jr.)

Outlook: The Mustangs perennially have quantity and quality, and this year is no exception with 43 boys and 44 girls on the team and lots of experienced returnees. Both boys' and girls' teams should be the best in Harford County. "The focus for both teams will be the end of the season," said Donnie Mickey.


Head coach: Megan Meinert

Top prospects, boys: Lenier Tucker (Sr.), Michael Dzambasow (Jr.), Sam Verk (Fr.). David Dzambasow (Fr.), Langston Gash (So.), Alston Johnson (Sr.).

Top prospects, girls: Kaley Barnhill (So.), Alaina Gostomski (Jr.), Zoe Russo (Jr.), Tiffany Weimer (So.).

Outlook: The Rams have 15 boys and six girls on the team as the season begins. Lenier Tucker, runner-up in the UCBAC meet last year, leads the team and is one of only two seniors. "Our goal as a team this year is to field a full squad for both girls and boys," said assistant coach Jerry Henderson.