Regina Poole, 15, and Max Boles, 16, also said they were surprised it happened in their community.

"I think it's sad," Regina said. 

Max said: "The fact that it's in Joppatowne is kind of mind blowing."

Regina added: "Most people don't know it's from Joppatowne." 

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Max, however, did not think it would affect the school's reputation.

"There's nothing really that bad about it," he said regarding how it might make the school look.

Marcola Paga, 15, said a relative of hers was on the team that helped discover the body parts.

"It's just really weird, the whole thing," she said of the incident. 

Marcola said she has only been in Joppatowne for five years, and was unsure how the incident might affect the perception of the school or town.

Nevertheless, she said, "I didn't think that anything like this would ever happen here."