The tour seemed to be getting roughly the same number of visitors it usually gets. St. Patrick Church clocked 45 visitors halfway through the tour, and about 100 people total attended last year.

Donna Johnson and Donna Benjamin, both of Rising Sun, are regulars on the Havre de Grace historic tour circuit and said they come to see the churches every year.

They were among those asking church guides like Jan Biondo, of St. John's, about the particulars of church life and decor. The women wanted to know the meaning of the many flags hanging by the church's balcony, while some visitors at St. Patrick Church wondered who St. Patrick was and about the history of the church.

Hayden Anthony, of Bel Air, brought his family after his mother, Margot Anthony, a York, Pa., resident, told him about the open house.

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"I just wanted to see different churches, for Christmas especially, and we thought it would be beautiful," Margot Anthony said.

Hayden Anthony said it was a good opportunity to see "the stuff that you don't get to see today," in reference to historic architecture.

"It's nice that they are doing this," he said, citing the "fine craftsmanship" of the churches.

He pointed out how many historic churches are within such a small area.

"It's kind of nice that there's that many within a couple of blocks," he said.

"It's beautiful to see," Margot Anthony added.