Question A deals with the vacancy of the county executive.

In the event of a vacancy before the end of a term, the county council would need to fill the county executive's position within 30 days "with a qualified voter of the same political party as the immediately preceding county executive," the question reads. "In the event a vacancy is filled 90 days or more prior to next congressional primary election, the position of county executive will appear on that ballot."

Those appointed or elected to the position would serve for the remainder of the un-expired term.

Guthrie commented that limiting the pool to just the same political party as the leaving county executive would eliminate "half of the county."

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Posting requirements for public notices may become more strict.

Question F would require public notices to be posted in one newspaper widely circulated in Harford County and on an official website, such as Harford County Government.

The current practice is to run the notice in two newspapers and no requirement for putting it online.

Eligibility for the county's redistricting commission may be expanded to represent more political parties if residents vote "yes" for Question C.

The charter would expand "eligibility for appointment to the redistricting commission for any political party with at least 15 percent of the total registered voters and a representative not a member of a political party represented," the language reads.

Hallock said the intent is to "reflect the growth of Independent [party] registration."

The political affiliation with commission members is based on voter turnout at the most recent election rather than on voter registration.

Voting in favor of Question D would "modify the list of exempt personnel position to be consistent with the pay and classification plan," the question reads.

Hallock explained that this would mean the county executive, his or her chief of staff, the county council's attorney, council legislative aides and county auditor would be designated as "exempt serve" personnel who can be fired at will.