Flavor Cupcakery combines cocktails and cupcakes

The Cupcakery has a daily flavor rotation of cupcakes (Photo by Nicole Munchel / August 23, 2012)

Mixing popular summer cocktails and cupcakes was the ingenious brainchild for one of the delicious desserts from Flavor Cupcakery in Bel Air.

Located near Harford Mall, the cupcakery is known for its unique flavors made with the finest ingredients.

“We always wanted to have great recipes and commit to using high-quality ingredients,” says Shelley Stannard, owner of Flavor Cupcakery. “And we like to research interesting combinations.”

The Margarita cupcake is only one such combination. The tasty blend of lime zest cake, a touch of tequila and a sprinkle of salt on the top give the dessert an adult twist. 

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“When people see something different, they love it,” Stannard says.

In the summer, the shop offers other cocktail-inspired cupcakes, such as Cosmopolitan, which contains cranberry vodka glaze, and Piña Colada, which is made with coconut pineapple rum cake and whipped cream coconut rum frosting, according to Jason Hisley, lead pastry chef/cake designer.

“People love the cocktail cupcakes, and they’re fun for parties,” he says.

The cupcakery, which opened in December 2010, has received nationwide recognition after winning Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” last year and being named runners up on “Sweet Genius” earlier this year.

Cupcakes are $2.50 each, $14 per half dozen and $28 per dozen, while gluten-free and vegan cupcakes are $33 per dozen. During the last hour of business every day, Flavor Cupcakery hosts a happy hour, where cupcakes are available for $2 each.



Margarita Cupcake with Simple Margarita Frosting

Serves about 18


Lime Cake


6 oz. butter, room temperature

2 cups granulated sugar

4 whole eggs

2 ½ cups AP flour