Here's a list of five, barring any obvious things like my husband, Christmas, puppy dogs and rainbows:

1. The way Disney World smells. For those who are curious, it's a potpourri of chlorinated water, diesel fuel, candy and magic.

2. The first sip of a caramel frappuccino.

3. Halloween and the day-after-Halloween sales.

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4. When I go to a Guster concert and they play my favorite song.

5. Getting mix CDs from my friends with music they think I'd like.

Not to get all sappy and junk, but I encourage you, the person reading this, to send me your list of five things, not for any other reason than to get you to smile and spread some love.

I also want to take this opportunity to apologize to Mrs. Price, who not only responded to my column, too, but took the time and effort to handwrite me a letter and include a lovely bookmark.

Like I noted, I'm horrible at calling people back, and I feel like I should make the same effort and write you a letter, as well. It's only fair.

I hope I get the same opportunity to meet up with you. Frankly, it would mean a lot.

By the way, your handwriting is impeccable, and your letter made all of my co-workers jealous.

If I weren't trying to keep it to a list of five things, your letter would be No. 6.