Then there was the dog to worry about.

She managed just fine and we kept her water bowl full, but she was miserable just like the rest of us.

We escaped to places that had air conditioning — Panera Bread, the movie theater — but we had to go back to the house to sleep, which was almost impossible.

That Sunday night, we spent the night at my mom's in Bel Air because, miraculously, Harford County was barely affected by the storm.

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The only thing that got me through was imagining all of the things I would do when we got our power back. Even then, we didn't know when that would be.

I pictured lounging on our couch with the air blasting while watching TV and surfing the Internet at the same time.

I thought about turning on every single light in the house just because I could and dancing in all of electricity's glory.

Even then, all I really wanted was air conditioning. I made secret pleas with whatever higher power there is that I didn't care if we didn't have television or an Internet connection or lights — I just wanted that sweet, sweet air.

Through some miracle and despite BGE telling me our power wouldn't be turned back on until Wednesday at the earliest, we were shocked when my husband received a text message from our neighbor Monday afternoon saying we were saved.

I practically screamed with joy right here in The Aegis newsroom.

That night, I watched TV. I visited all my favorite websites. And while I didn't go the wasteful route and turn on all lights in the house, I did stand under an air vent and enjoyed every single second of it.