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The case for opening the Republican primary in Maryland [Letter]

In a democracy, it is always important to get involved in the process. Many individuals I talk with say that they do not like it when people complain about government, but then they do not even vote. Contrary to popular belief, each vote does matter, and decisions are made by those who show up. That is why I applaud the Maryland Republican Party for taking into consideration the idea of opening its primary elections to independent voters.

This has been an issue I have been pressing for years. The political landscape of the 21st century America has changed and it would be logical to try and adapt to the times. A growing number of people, especially young voters, do not want to align with Democrats or Republicans.

They might not like the democratic fiscal policies of "spend more then you have," and the republican social policies and issues may not resonate with them. Recent Republican losses at the polls, not only in Maryland, but also around the country, show that there is a need to move a bit more moderately on issues in order to win independent moderates.

This has and will be a big part of my campaign for Harford County Council. I am a registered Republican, but I call myself a new type of Republican, a modern Republican, because I believe that not only is fiscal conservatism the fundamental key for a county to succeed, but that social policies must be current and relevant. I believe that for too long the Republican party has been attacked and negatively labeled because of its social policies, many of which I hold dear. However, I also try to be realistic. Change is upon us, and in a 21st century world it does not help to be resistant to change.

As a political party, we have the option to influence that change, rather than let it happen to us. I do hope that the Maryland GOP will have an open primary because it will help pave the way for modern conservatism by giving each voter an opportunity to participate. An open primary will better educate the people, specifically young Americans, of the importance of fiscal responsibility and modern social policies that build a more secure future while protecting individual rights. In the coming months I will implore the Maryland GOP to allow an open primary. And I urge my fellow Republican officials and candidates to do the same.

Johnathan Grimmel

Candidate for Harford County District D

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