A resident of West Riding Drive called the project "a waste of taxpayer money."

"My concern is for the children who live across Route 924 and walk [to school]," said another resident. "None of us want you. Go away," which had many people get to their feet and cheer.

A woman, who also lives in Bright Oaks, said her home is three houses away from Route 924, "right where you want to put that light."

"My house is for sale and I can't sell it now," she commented. "I can't sell it with Walmart in my front yard."

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The woman continued, "Why do you have to destroy the little bit of property in the county that is actually nice?"

People in the audience continued to shout as Walmart representatives spoke, including one woman who yelled, "You already have a Walmart down the road. Just use that one."

In response to several questions asked about what is wrong with the current site and why the store is moving, Kleine said the current site has "some limitations" to expanding, renovating and providing "the merchandise we would like to offer."

Nina Albert, Walmart's community affairs director, clarified that a grocery section is proposed at the new location and the Abingdon site "does not accommodate any expansion" to include groceries.

A Bright Oaks resident who said his name is Jay commented that he has "yet to find a Walmart whose primary entrance driveway is an exit from a residential area."

Many comments were also directed toward county council members.

"County councilmen, these are your voters," Ruth, a Bright Oaks resident, said. "Please remember that these people are opposed to this Walmart."

In response, one man in the crowd added, "And we can vote you out."

A man who said his name is Steve and lives in Overview Manor bluntly said, "You are not welcome at Plumtree."

"We will not let you or any other corporation place a burden upon us or our families," he continued. "We will fight you every inch of the way."

He proposed that residents boycott the store and implement a social network to extend "our reach and solidify our resolve."

He said distribution centers would be set up at Target stores to hand out bumper stickers advertising their opposition to the new Walmart location.

"From this point on it is a Target we will shop," he said. "Target is now our community store."

A few residents brought up concerns about crime and how the store proposed to handle it.

"That is something we'll respond to as we work with the sheriff's department," Kleine said in regard to determining security needs.