"These budgets are predictable every year, containing the same spending increases, robbing the trust funds, promoting gimmicks based on dishonesty," wrote Western Harford Del. Pat McDonough in an e-mail. "I have never voted for a tax increase, and as long as every one of these budgets contains a tax increase they will not have my vote."

Gasoline tax

"I am fairly confident that the gas tax is not going to move since we are already paying double the cost per gallon than it was four years ago when President [Barack] Obama came into office," wrote Glassman.

When O'Malley testified before three General Assembly committees in March, it seemed that lawmakers were already of the mindset not to pass it.

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O'Malley recently told The Baltimore Sun that applying the state's 6 percent sales tax to gasoline purchases was, indeed, dead.

That isn't to say it's gone forever.

An alternative, O'Malley continued, would be to delay the additional tax until fuel prices decline to a specific level.

Another option, he added, would be to raise Maryland's general sales tax to 7 percent and then earmark the additional revenue for highway and transportation projects.

While many Maryland gas stations have been pricing a gallon of gas above the $4 a gallon mark within the last two weeks, the state's average finally hit $4 overnight last week, according to AAA's Fuel Price Finder.

In a news release send out early Thursday afternoon, AAA Maryland said the Baltimore area's average gasoline cost had reached $3.99 a gallon, while the average gallon price in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., had matched Maryland's all-time record high average of $4.05 a gallon, set on June 17, 2008.

AAA said Maryland's average price is six cents above the national average and that the state had joined the District of Columbia and 10 other states with an average gallon price at $4 or above.

Gas tax increase or not, and with the income tax debate still roiling, the 2012 Maryland General Assembly session will end at midnight April 9.