Despite the controversy that the same-sex marriage issue has caused politically, Cash, of Oak Grove, said she has not gotten much negative or controversial response to the local petitioning activities.

"Most of the negative response has been people who said they weren't interested," she said. "The overall goal of the Alliance is to give everyone in the state an opportunity to sign the petition."

"We have gotten very good response," she continued. "We have actually had people come by and say, 'Oh, we were looking for a place to sign.'"

Local views on same-sex marriage are not, however, one-sided. Harford religious leaders have spoken out on both sides of this debate, as have those throughout the state.

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The Rev. Lisa Ward, of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Harford County, was very active in supporting the same-sex marriage bill during the several years it took the legislature to pass it.

Her congregation, which is just down the road from Oak Grove Baptist Church, has featured a "Civil Marriage is a Civil Right" banner and has a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Task Force.

The Rev. Patricia M. Drost, of St. George's Spesutia Church in Aberdeen, also signed a religious coalition petition in support of marriage equality in March, according to, the website for Equality Maryland, which says it is the state's largest gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender rights organization.

Other petition drives

Same-sex marriage is not the only ballot issue likely to come before Maryland voters in 2012 in which Harford County residents are playing an active role.

The county's residents also played a big part of last year's massive drive to petition'sMaryland's Dream Act, granting in-state tuition rates to children of illegal immigrants, to referendum.

Pending court challenges, the Dream Act is going to be on the ballot this November.

Glass, who was focused on the same-sex marriage petition earlier, has also become the county coordinator for an effort to take the new congressional redistricting map to referendum.

He said he has personally gotten about 500 signatures so far, and believes about 2,000 have been collected in Harford overall.

"The map is terrible. It's not contiguous at all. It splits Harford County in two," Glass said. "It's a terrible map."

Glass has gone to places like restaurants, post office branches and events like First Fridays in Bel Air and Havre de Grace to collect signatures.

He plans to work even harder in the coming weeks and remains confident, despite the long way he has to go to attain enough signatures.

"We are going to push through and we are going to get it done," he said.