Postponed a year

Knight said it didn't really take long to decide whether to go when he was offered the tickets.

His niece won tickets through the Ravens lottery but couldn't go, so she offered them to Knight's brother, Tim, of Perry Hall, who called Knight and asked him to go.

"I thought a couple minutes and said 'Yes, I'll go,'" he said. "My wife said this could be my only chance, it's the Ravens so you better take it."

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Knight said he can't wait for the game, and is looking forward to the atmosphere and "rooting the Ravens on."

He's taking three jerseys, one to walk around in Saturday, one for the game Sunday – his purple Ray Rice jersey – and one for "just in case."

Knight has been to New Orleans several times, and every time it's been a party atmosphere.

"I'm really looking forward to all the events for all the Ravens fans," he said.

The only thing he has to do? Bring home something for his niece, who got him the tickets. That he can do. He's also hoping to bring home a win.

"I'm looking forward to the Ravens fans down there and bringing home a victory," Knight said.