"I need to step up my game a bit, maybe purple hair, more beads?" she said. "From what I'm hearing, things tend to get a little crazy."

Poured it on thick

Kenny told her father going to the Super Bowl with him would be father-daughter bonding at its best. His name was also drawn from the Ravens lottery.

"I really wanted to go to the game with my dad. I was telling him all the reasons why he should take me more than anyone else," Kenny said.

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Her mom isn't that interested in going to the game, Kenny said. She just wants to go to New Orleans and be proud to be from Baltimore. When her mom mispronounced Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti's name wrong, Kenny jumped.

"I used some good sales techniques and got myself in," she said.

The foursome is going a version of "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" to get to New Orleans.

They're flying to Houston Friday, then driving to Baton Rouge Saturday and taking a bus from the hotel to the game.

"It's definitely going to be an adventure," she said.

Kenny is also excited she'll be able to see Ray Lewis' last game.

"When I was growing up in Baltimore, there wasn't a football team… and I remember my dad being so excited when we got a football team, I thought it was great," Kenny, who went to a lot of games with her dad while she was in college, said. "I feel like I have been with the team and Ray Lewis since the beginning."

"It's surreal be there at the end; Ray Lewis is the Ravens. I got to see his first games, and now I'm going to get to see his last game," she said.

She is all ready for the game with beads, purple hair spray, a big purple foam finger and black tape for under her eyes to go with her purple eye shadow and purple nails. And her Todd Heap jersey, which is her good luck charm.

"I still feel like it's not enough," she said.

She could be trying to take along an 8-foot by 2 ½ foot wide vinyl "DEFENSE" sign, like Pieper is doing.

"I take it into every game," he said.

Pieper, from Street, also won the Ravens lottery for tickets. He was supposed to take his wife, Nancy, but it didn't work out that way, so instead he is taking his 14-year-old granddaughter, Rachael Higbee.

Last year when the Ravens were in the playoffs, Pieper promised his wife, Nancy, that if the Ravens did something "magical" this year, he would take her to the Super Bowl. But she died of cancer in July, and she wanted Pieper to take their granddaughter, a freshman at Fallston High School.

They're flying down Friday and coming home Monday. This will be Pieper's seventh Super Bowl game. His first was in 2001 when the Ravens beat the New York Giants in Tampa, Fla.

"I'm pretty excited about this. It's been 12 years. To have seen it 12 years ago and see Ray [Lewis] retiring and see this opportunity, it takes us by surprise," he said. "It's a game, but it's a big business, and he's got them motivated to a point that's unbelievable. I can't believe the height of their motivation, the way they're responding. I hope one more time they step up."