Still, she added, "I doubt the mood over it [pensions] will not change."

Teachers are paying more in pension costs too, Burbey pointed out.

"Five percent goes to pension and 2 percent goes to the general fund," out of teacher salaries, he continued. "And Maryland's pension system isn't any great golden Cadillac of pension systems."

Looking toward the future

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What Burbey hopes for in the long run is to have a community that stands by their kids and the education they receive.

"My hope is that folks will come out and tell the county executive, 'You know what? I want my kids to compete in a 21st century marketplace. I don't want them left behind because the schools were funded on the cheap,'" he said.

Weller believes education should also be made a priority at home.

"If they [parents] set the bar for students in their homes, I think the student will come to school with a more eager attitude to learn," she said. This, Weller added, can be done at no cost, except for parental time.

"Make children realize what possibilities there are if they have an education," she said. "Bring in books, resources that help them learn, or make a point to go to a library or sit down while they do their homework and encourage them."

Above all, Weller said, "I hope that people will remember that without teachers no other professions are possible."