Board of Education President Leonard Wheeler said the comment gave him "pause as to the direction of this master plan" and wants to be sure "the interests and philosophy of the school system prevails."

The school's capital improvement plan for 2014 doesn't contain any new school construction projects because, school system staff have explained, the school system is waiting on the comprehensive study on the county's schools.

In July, the school took its first look at the capital budget for fiscal year 2014.

Superintendent Robert Tomback explained during the recent public meeting that the topic will be on the school board's agenda for the Sept. 10 meeting, but not as an action item. During the Sept. 24 meeting the board will then vote to adopt the capital improvement plan.

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Board vice president speaks out

Board of Education Vice President Rick Grambo said Thursday he doesn't know if construction projects for Havre de Grace High and Youth's Benefit will be put on the capital improvement plan in light of Craig's pledged commitment for funding.

"I'm waiting to see what the superintendent and his staff proposes," he said. "I do know the superintendent and his staff are working hard on things, trying to make the right decisions. It'll be interesting to see what plan they put forth to us [the school board] to vote on."

Grambo added that he wouldn't be surprised if the capital improvement plan includes the construction projects, especially in light of comments made by Sen. Barry Glassman during the public meeting.

Glassman, expected to be a candidate for county executive in 2014, urged school officials to create a "predictable" capital improvement plan the state "can fund over time" rather than leave any construction projects off and run the risk of it looking like Harford has nothing in the works.

He said Harford's legislators will stand behind whatever the board decides to go with as far as school construction.

Grambo has concerns, however, that he hasn't seen a plan from the county on how it would fund a new HHS and YBES.

"There are costs we have to worry about," he said. "I'm anxious to see the whole plan from the county."

The school system is "running pretty lean," Grambo said, and he doesn't want to see it making any sacrifices as far as employees or anything else. "I don't want to cause ourselves any grief."