"We're powering the important things, the coffee machine, the sump pump," she said, adding it will also power the refrigerator and freezer later.

Ronald Eberly said he drove from Street to Fountain Green to recharge his electric cigarette.

Their neighbors, Marci Muffley, and her children, Ellie, 120 and Carly, 8, were outside talking with Rook. Muffley and her family had driven around Sunday morning in search of coffee, but couldn't find any, so she got some from Rook.

Heidi Padilla found coffee, but she had to go all the way to Aberdeen to get it.

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She and her husband, Josh, and their son, Nathaniel, 7, who also live in Fountain Green, were out walking their neighborhood Sunday morning.

"We're burning off energy," Heidi Padilla said.

They had driven to Port Deposit earlier to check on the house, which Heidi said was without power, but otherwise OK.

The line at Wawa was "huge," Josh Padilla said. Customers were waiting for it to be brewed, but it was the only gig in town.

Around 2:30 p.m. Sunday, skies had cleared and the sun was shining brightly on the west side of the county in the Fallston area. Winds had also died down.

An hour earlier, a number of people could be seen walking dogs and riding bikes along the Bottom Road and the wooded trails of the Gunpowder Falls State Park's Laurel Brook Area off Bottom Road in Fallston.

The Little Gunpowder was muddy and flowing swiftly, but the stream was well within its banks and the water appeared to have receded several feet from where it had been at the height of the storm.

Most of the rural neighborhood surrounding that area of the park was without power, and several generators could be heard humming in the distance.

Roads closed

The county reported 93 road sections closed as of 1 p.m. Sunday. Another 20 that had been closed were cleared, according to a press release from county government spokesman Ben Lloyd

"The vast majority of those are due to trees crossing the road," Lloyd said earlier Sunday.

They included Abingdon Road between the I-95 bridge and Route 40, and parts of Wheel Road, Patterson Mill Road and Singer Road.

The Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge carrying Route 40 traffic over the Susquehanna River was operating under a Phase I Wind Warning.

There were also several dozen reports of trees falling on homes, but "we haven't had any reports of injuries in Harford County from that," Lloyd said.

Only 15 evacuees took advantage of the county's designation emergency shelter, Patterson Mill High School. Lloyd said eight of them were from one home that was damaged by a tree.

The shelter was set to remain open for the foreseeable future. Lloyd warned the danger was not over in the morning.