Ed O'Loughlin added: "I think the bigger concern is, have they explored all the other possibilities."

Some government officials were at the meeting.

Joe Sliwka, a community liaison for Congressman Andy Harris, said he thought the meeting was very open and transparent, with many employees on hand to help.

"I think that they have been great," he said.

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Harford County spokesman Ben Lloyd passed on a letter from County Executive David Craig that was sent to the secretary of the Federal Energy Regulation Commission.

The letter asked the commission to fully review the proposal, as it has generated many comments from landowners.

"If approved, [the project] will impact a number of private property owners as well as county roads and infrastructure," Craig wrote on July 30, "The ultimate plan for pipeline routing should provide for the fewest impacts on residents and the environment."

State Sen.. J.B. Jennings was also at the meeting and gave a letter that he wrote to Columbia Gas on July 16.

Jennings told project manager Jeff Barna that the project will be only 50 to 75 feet from many residents' back doors and that some homes would have disrupted septic areas as a result.

He noted it is the same community that suffered "extensive environmental damage" from a gas leak with MTBE several years ago and residents are "rightfully" worried something similar could happen.